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"For me a door to the woods is a door to the temple" 

- Mary Oliver

Gardens serve as gateways of connection to the natural world. Well curated landscapes incorporating organic shapes and elements of wild forests have the ability transport and soothe our senses to a more natural rhythm. It is our intention to create functional garden spaces designed to entice your wild senses with the allure of fresh flowing streams, marvelous textured stones, beautiful blooming flowers and lush organic foliage.


Our Story

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Jason Beiley. I am the owner, operator and primary builder at Water and Stone. I have been working in the horticultural arts for nearly fifteen years. I started my landscaping career back in 2008 working for award winning gardener Kurt Christiansen, while studying Natural History and Plant Ecology at UCSC. I continued working for Christiansen Associates for over decade, installing and maintaining beautiful award winning gardens and water-features. Durring this time, I developed a passion for building with my hands, stacking rocks and creating living works of art. My fondness for trees lead me to pursue a career in Arboriculture, where I worked for several different tree services and eventually became an ISA Certified Arborist® myself. Water and Stone came to life in early 2022, combining my years of work experience and my passions for curating gardens, tending to the living land, and creating works of art out of water and stone. I have a deep passion for connecting with nature and I absolutely love working outside, immersing myself amongst the elements. I look forward to meeting you and learning how my skillset and expertise may be of service to your home and garden visions.

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